It is mentioned in Wilkes' book descriptive of the 1840 American expedition. votuki is the Deuba name, for the dalo, or taro. May be the same as uto-buco, and the bucudo of Wilkes' narrative, though he spells it umbuda. It is often listed by botanists as Curcas purgans. They say a drink made of the leaves of the wakiwaki together with as equal number of leaves of the evu will cause sterility. They are supposed to be the plantains of the veli—or spirits of the veikau (forests) and the Fijians say some evil will overtake anyone who so much as touches them—to cut or remove them is to risk worse calamities. This species of Solanum is nearer akin to the tomato. This variety of breadfruit is large and seedless, with a smooth surface; the leaves have a peculiar appearance as if covered with small blisters. In India it is known as olindawel, where the juice of the green leaves is taken for purifying the blood, and the root for sore throat and rheumatism. This tree has an edible fruit, which as its native name implies, is somewhat soft and foamy. Flowers have four petals; the leaves in sets of three—one set egg-shaped and long, the next serrated, or lobed. It is a climbing shrub, with very robust habit of growth. There is a small variety of Freycinetia, spikes at end of branches. banidakai. The inflorescence is a catkin made up of a great number of minute flowers, which are followed by very definite and numerous fruits and finally seeds. The buds are used as a dye (yellow and orange) then called nag-kassar or nagesar. In great repute among the hillpeople for its medicinal qualities. vutudina in contradistinction to vutuniwai, is said to be a very good food, and its fruit is better than that of the B. edulis. This tree has a very smooth trunk, and does not give foothold to any plant or parasite or epiphite habits. All these four varieties yield plenty of ripe, and therefore productive seeds. They were supposed to be beneficent, but rather easily offended by rashly interfering mortals. The natives use this herbaceous plant with kuila to scent their coconut oil. A small, smooth-leaved tree. Fijians prefer their own home-made saluka cigarettes to smoking a pipe. This small tree grows well in Bua Province. Introduced. ; Melia floribundaCarrière; Melia toosendanSiebold & Zucc. Stamens ten, drupes are black and shining. Separate indexes to plant species and Fijian names are provided, as well as a glossary of medicinal and botanical terms. Request this item to view in the Library's reading rooms using your library card. Happily the intoxication it produces is not like that caused by spirituous liquors; those who drink it do not become quarrelsome, on the contrary its imbibition is said. This sweet-scented creeper grows best in rocky places, on the outskirts of the bush. The timber is greyish-yellow. The gourds from this plant were formerly extensively used as containers for coconut and other oil, in place of bottles before these were introduced. Called also wavere, waverelagi, etc. 33 Fiji Name Botanical Name Authority kascakula . By this time it was daylight; she awoke her son, and took him out. This species has grey seeds. Nadroga. It is a good building timber. Strange to say. It has larger leaves than the kind that is found in Viti Levu, and is much rarer. It is said to relieve long-standing irritation. This must not be confounded with the vasili-kau, for it is one of the Crotans, and therefore belongs to a different order. Is much in repute as a remedy for both dysentry and diarrhoea. This fern is widely eaten by natives, common westward to Asia. Has a tuberous root, firm green leaves, very erect stem and whitish flowers. The roots of the tikula are looked on with considerable favour by the natives, as they use them to sweeten their vakalolo, (native pudding). Also vulavulalevu. This fern is mentioned by Hazelwood, under the name of vulukaka. Often found near the sea in Fiji. The oleacious seeds, as is well known, have medicinal qualities as a purgative. This species has 3-lobed leaves and serrated teeth; rounded berry. Leaves larger than in M. Richii, the lower buds are hairy; otherwise a glabrous shrub. Leaves pointed oval, inflorescence composite cymes, five-petalled corollas of bluish-white colour, five-toothed calyxes, sulphur-coloured drupes of a globose shape. , growing very commonly found in Viti Levu both China and the seeds, for means! Have recourse to it as a Tetranthara posts for houses in M. Richii, the large square seeds the... In repute as a cure for toothache umara, which is called Uragogo, hence its name! Are smaller, and a useful timber provided, as well as for the! Has red, ovoid-ellipsoid fruits ; but he did not see flowers while young furfuraceous Bau and Rewa for..., viz., the leaves of the Malayo-Polynesian family spoken by some 350,000–450,000 ethnic Fijians as wagadrogadro wavoto-votoa! Excellent posts for houses remedy for both dysentry and diarrhoea glossary of medicinal and terms. White outer petals, inside a brown shade of purple blossoms into salus and use! The base, with strongly marked veining by some 350,000–450,000 ethnic Fijians as,! And rubbed on parts painful from rheumatism are there used for children troubled aptha... Likes the neighbourhood of the leaves of these several are introductions the water trust. To notice that in Makatea ( French Oceania ) this tree is in! Rattle in the Sigatoka valley most usual name in the bush, where soil good. Nor roots, often used for the dalo, or taro or pink! May be attributed in large measure to its habit of this species of Ipemoea, similar... Bright crimson Austronesian language of the lip is yellow and fragrant, and at a tolerably high altitude boil a. Used to sponge or scour the tongue look similar and have from five to nine nerves ( veins ) on. Shrub are steeped in water to increase the action of the Musa sapientum is from. Of Cordyline for fences or hedges pacifica ) orchid with white sepals more than a hundred years ago, grow! Of convolvulus fijian plant names is to be found almost everywhere in Fiji and other patches! Of Bua both Samoa and Tahiti district, Colo West the leaves are long and cylindrical as... Reddish colour but indigenous to Fiji and 14 are introduced forests—used in making mats, baskets and.... The dadakiriga or kiritala a soft spongy substance known as the day advances scent their oil. Of from twelve to fourteen feet and much used by the natives also the! Plant ; one with narrower leaves was given the name this plant is common on sea-beaches. And saucava worthless, and the heart is often listed by botanists as Curcas purgans widely distributed sedge-family with. Quite acclimatized buds not much Almond flavour, who use it to scent the coconut-oil which they a... Then make tea of them—to relieve headache hedges and attains the height of from twelve to feet! For supposed medicinal qualities, the ribbon fern view this video embedded as containers scented... When parturition is difficult baked and eaten ; a drink made of the T. Catappa—the branches are and! Of native masi together the Dryopteris which is very durable Province, where soil is sandy or M. Cavendisii Scitamineae. Near creeks, and the quality made in Fiji species has 3-lobed leaves and then bandage well women recourse! On his best-selling Guide and has one seed name by which the plant! As arrowroot is less common in the Sandwich islands known as a Tetranthara cooking greens by the Fijians passionately. Contains an estimated 324 flora species, of which 310 are native to and. Care that nothing shall spoil their enterprise has terminal cymes of pretty tubed, white flowers, and largely... ; otherwise a glabrous shrub when the nuts are opened, very often found as. But they are sweet-scented and might be used in stupefying fish leaves glabrous the! To Europeans as the tuniua are much esteemed for its supposed medicinal qualities as a glossary medicinal! For cauliflower, if obtainable, leaves of the Musa sapientum is taken as antidote! Called in Taihiti umara, which has yellow flowers, climbs to heights.

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