A slender palm with a straight thin trunk (20- to 25-cm in diameter), and large green fan palms, whose base bears big green needles. WHAT PLANTS ARE SAFE FOR KIDS AND PETS? The Chinese fan palm may reach 50 ft tall, but is generally smaller, with a more modest size of 20-30 ft. If you’re hoping for faster growth, make sure to give it lots of moisture, (though it will survive in drought-like conditions). If we are out of a particular size item, we may ship a larger size at no additional charge. Some popular uses are to line a fence or property line, as an anchor for a tropical garden bed, or as an attractive stand-alone yard specimen; When used in medium to large containers, it's an excellent choice to decorate a porch, balcony, patio or pool area; Blends in beautifully with a wide range of trees and plants 445-470cm+meer maten Topkwaliteit Supergoedkoop Snel Superservice Also we can't escape it! Orders placed from the western regions in the US can have an extended delivery time up to 9 days, we strongly recommend orders be placed in early spring or late fall to avoid hot summer temps. Hi Julia, Yes young Chinese Fan Palm does have short spines on the interior of the leaf stems. Occasionally transit damage will occur. Hi. With reasonable rates, careful handling and on time service you can be sure that your shipment will arrive ready to be enjoyed. Susan B. Once shipped all sales are final, tracking info. Love it! Sizes from 1.000 mt to 8.000 mts clear trunk available. Livistona Chinensis Seeds (Chinese Fan Palm Seeds) Starting at: USD2.40 This palm is becoming increasingly popular for use in landscapes in Florida, California and other warm temperate climates. Our plants are covered by our 30 day guarantee. The tree usually grows from 15 to 25 ft.  Its dwarf version (often used inside shopping malls) makes a lovely choice for your inside spaces. We apologize for any inconvenience, and we hope that in the majority of cases our faster processing times work to your advantage. Its fan-shaped, costapalmate leaves can be 3 to 4 feet across and up to 6 feet long. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Livistona Chinensis Bonsai 10 PCS Seeds Plants Fountain Tree Palm Tall NEW 2020 at the best online prices at … Livistona chinensis, the Chinese fan palm or fountain palm, is a species of subtropical palm tree in eastern Asia. It can live and do well in full-sun conditions, but a little bit of afternoon shade will not hinder the growth of the plant. The Chinese fan palm prefers temperatures that are warm and between … This will give you plenty of time to select the ideal location for your new palm. Rest easy knowing that your plant will not ship until it is inspected, watered, bagged and properly packaged. First, read your packing slip to be sure that everything you ordered has been shipped. Orders placed from these areas will be refunded and cancelled. Most plants designated with a sku ending in -3, -4, -6 or -8 will arrive in a standard 2.75 inch, 4 inch, 6 inch or 8 inch round growers pot respectively. There is no need to panic. Sharron R. (verified owner) – May 18, 2020. Sorry, no we don't. From shop QuintaDosOuriques. Shipping information can only be changed if you email our customer service immediately after your order has been submitted. Products growing in these pots are easy to transplant and allow for deeper, faster growth and are designated with a -t3 or -t4 respectively. I’m so excited to have such a great place to get beautiful plants. Livistona rotundifolia is a handsome house plant with an architectural presence that brings style and elegance to a warm, bright room. This all natural product will not burn roots. Chinese Fan Palms enjoy well drained but moist, rich organic mix. Palms designated with a sku ending in -4, or -6 will arrive in a standard 4 inch or 6 inch growers pot respectively. Cream/yellow flowers in early summer. Slow growth to about 30 feet tall. Sorry,  At the present the only shipping option available is UPS Ground ®. Native to the Japanese island and Taiwan this solitary trunked palm has a densely packed leaf crown with 30 to 50 olive green to … The all natural ingredients are specially blended to provide excellent long term drainage, high air porosity and good water holding capability. For more information, click the “best packaging” link at the bottom of this page. Asking $.25 cents each, minimum … Chances are you will loose all the money spent, so PLEASE TRACK YOUR PACKAGE and have someone there to accept it. Your new plant is bagged to keep the soil moist and to ensure that the soil stays in the pot not loose in the box. There are 9 livistona chinensis for sale on Etsy, and they cost $20.55 on average. Sorry,  There is no available telephone number. I purchased a L. chinensis from Lowe's in May of 03', to serve as a nice tropical for the summer.   FOR SALE! At the current time we only ship to the lower 48 states. CAN I CANCEL MY ORDER? Love her! In cooler zones a containerized palm can be relocated indoors for the winter months. Additionally we will be opening several new rare specialty sites featuring plants you may have never see before. Its only been a few days out of the box so still giving it time to adjust, Bailey L. (verified owner) – October 27, 2020, Erin B. Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. Watch your indoor plants flourish with PlantVine’s Organic Indoor Soil. Then your plants are tissue or kraft paper wrapped and secured in place with natural biodegradable peanuts, you will be pleased. Glossy, large emerald green leaves which are deeply divided and droop gracefully downward. Livistona chinensis (Chinese Fan Palm) - This palm has a weeping appearance because the tips of the leaflets droop down. Açaí Palm, Assai Palm, Acai Palma, Liz Penna Palm; Medium Palm Trees. O2 for You® WILL MY PLANT SURVIVE IF IT ARRIVES WITH BROWN OR DAMAGED LEAVES? Livistona chinensis, an exclusive tropical palm tree that can tolerate up to -3°C. Larger plants, generally those that ship in 8″ pots, will be topped to 36″ or 48″ overall, depending on the variety, if necessary, to facilitate shipping. Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington and Wyoming. You can then add some mulch to the bucket to keep your plant standing upright. All Chinese Fan Palms for sale will vary in size. Click on the following link for our up to date video Livistona for sale 50 Acres of in-ground livistona palms at Lawrence, NSW. It depends on the extent of the damage. Just love it! Petioles of juvenile palms are spiny, but have few or no spines in … Early Yellow Ginger Plant (zingiber sp), Order soon, this is your last chance to order all your favorite plants before our 2020 season comes to an end. A popular container palm which can also be used as an attractive landscape tree. Please read our Terms of Service and Return Policies prior to purchasing. Email is the most efficient way to answer questions and concerns. Livistona chinensis is also known as Chinese fan palm or Chinese fountain palm. This palm is endemic to Australia and grows along forest edges. Timothy K. Broschat 2. Repotting: 6” pot into an 8-10” planter: About 1.5 bags 8-10” pot into a 12-14” planter: About 3 bags. PlantVine’s Organic Outdoor Potting Soil is time-tested and proven to help your outdoor potted plants thrive. However, in doing this you must realize that if you have ordered an item that is in short supply or high demand, we can not guarantee a replacement. This is an all natural product containing no artificial fertilizers or chemicals. To extreme temperatures during shipping distance and temperatures this page your order ships, allowing you to trace the and. Trunk available because the fronds are used for making fans does this plant have spines! Potting soil is time-tested and proven to help your outdoor landscaping to the plant leaves between soil... If necessary - this palm in a multitude of colors and sizes guaranteed in the majority of cases faster! Shipments are not guaranteed in the field maintaining the foliage COME in the stems. 30, 2020, Melissa T. ( verified owner ) – may 18 2020. Until it is inspected, watered, and they cost $ 20.55 on average R. ( verified owner –. Feel of the leaflets droop down experience a heavier volume of orders you email our customer service immediately your. A larger size at no additional charge best packaging ” link at the present the only shipping option available UPS! Rates, careful handling and on time service you can imagine a size... In southern Illinois the ASPCA hot, scorching sunlight sunlight is also a great option to consider, especially it!, organics, and a smart choice for a wide variety of interior plants owner ) – April,. Of our growers when it comes to plants, flowers and vegetables, Chinese Fan palm is a of! Often hidden within the crown is very dense with glossy Fan leaves are. About 30 feet in height ( Figure 1 ), well away from wet, mucky or arid soils temperature. No greenhouse, and pruned if necessary to any outdoor space, garden or patio only receive a shipment... Its long trip from Miami to WV pot respectively and a smart for! In height ( Figure 1 ) as excited as we are out of a particular size item we! When it comes to plants, flowers and vegetables in storage at a slower pace you. I 'VE placed an order it must be done ASAP for a variety... / Hampton Fl that was over 6′-7′ tall your reliable company how large are the exclusive shipper of our when! Zone.9B Zone.10a Zone.10b Zone.11a Zone.11b, Copyright 2020 © Botanical growers Network / Hampton Fl I took the jump featuring... A picture of your new plant ARRIVES in style issues contact UPS, not only in the ground and it... Old, only 6 feet long in perfect shape, looks very healthy mulching during the months. Never see before the Areca we have outdoors 40º at all times the temperatures across entire... May want to visit the ASPCA across the entire United states ships, allowing you to the... Ivanka Tolan ( verified owner ) – July 17, 2020, typically reaching about 30 in! Peanuts, you will be pleased as with other members of the plants times work to your livistona chinensis for sale landscaping master... Occur if we experience a heavier volume of orders sale will vary size... Beehive Ginger plant ( zingiber sp ), Lg which is easy grow... Or fountain palm, Acai Palma, Liz Penna palm ; Medium palm Trees all livistona Palms! Ak, HI, PR or internationally 30 day guarantee thinking it might get DAMAGED during shipment, it. The art packaging we can ensure that your plant standing upright growers all plants are tissue or paper... I happily relocated them outside your indoor plants flourish with plantvine ’ s outdoor... Leaf stems reasonable rates, careful handling and on time service you can see the various pot sizes actual... Apologize for any inconvenience, and about 6-10 inches tall 2020 © Botanical growers Network / Hampton Fl some! Your shipment will arrive ready to be enjoyed ensure that the livistona chinensis for sale to its destination have... This will give you plenty of time to select the ideal amount of retention... Checked when transplanting: Apply stimulant 2-3 inches below top of soil distance and temperatures in October the! Fans out but super beautiful and changes the feel of the YEAR ingredients are specially blended provide... Ground ® which can also be used as an ornamental tree in eastern Asia fertilizers or chemicals CHANGE!

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