Find out the spawn conditions, sell price, what time of the day and year it spawns, and more! Platinum Arowana is the most beautiful and expensive freshwater ever. 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for. To every novice to the aquarium world, every newcomer to our magnificent aquatic world or anyone who just knows that… 6500-7500), Low quality 18 inches Silver Arowana Cost: $100-125 (Rs. Stingray Fish Variety. All these three categories command a different price. Alas, it has also been on the endangered-species list for some time. Before saying goodbye, for quick reference here is a complete Silver Arowana price list. Arowana prices subject to change due to size, condition, time of year, source/supplier, etc etc etc. Exotic Pet Imports Canada has the following stock available: ***Pictures in order with price listing *** ***All prices are plus tax*** 1. Silver Arowana from certified Arowana breeding farms. Inquire for a price list. Please note - may not be available on 19 Dec 6:00 pm to … 1000-1500), Low quality young Silver Arowana 7-10 inches price: $30-50 (Rs. 5000/-) for 18 inches long silver Arowana in wholesale and $70-80 ( Rs. Number one on the list is the Platinum or White Arowana. These are the most common factors affecting its price: Asian Arowanas are prone to a condition called drop-eye. On the other hand, green is the most affordable which is more appropriate for beginners. 4500-5500), Low quality 15 inches Silver Arowana price: $70-80 (Rs. final cost offered to the customer is dependent on several factors like transportation cost, housing cost, terminal loss compensation, added profit and several other overhead expenses. In this article, I will document the latest market trends for asking price for different categories of silver Arowana. This means your it will need a very large tank and will live a very long time – perhaps even outliving you! Certified baby Silver Arowana price: not sold at this age and length. Arowana Shop in Germany offers a discount when you purchase three or more Arowana in a single order. An Arowana in this category will cost around $40 (Rs. arowana in California at – Classifieds across California. 4000). Premium Arowana fishes for WHOLE SALE & RETAIL — AROWANA FISH PRICE LIST. But as soon as I start looking for an Arowana that is 10 inches long, the price easily jumps up to around $100. $580. A plant variety pack such as the Florida 10 Species Live Aquarium Plants Bundle starts at $30. Please note that the retail price is dependent upon several factors so these may vary from person to person and location to location. The Asian Arowanas: Asian Arowana is the most famous and expensive tropical freshwater fish in the world. Add to Wishlist Add to cart. 7 to 10 inches Silver Arowana fish price: a specimen under this limit will demand a wholesale price of 15-25 $ ( 1100-2000 rs)  with any specimen close to 10 inches costing more. Thanks for going through this work. buy arowana online, arowana for sale online, order arowana online, arowana fish for sale online, buy arowana fish online, order arowana fish online, arowana ... Tung Hu Chilli Red Arowana Price: $ 1,000.00 $ 750.00. The arowana is an excellent jumper. The Asian arowana (Scleropages formosus) comprises several phenotypic varieties of freshwater fish distributed geographically across Southeast Asia. I hope you find this piece of information along with the complete Silver Arowana price list useful. Green and Blue Arowana. The arowana is an excellent jumper. … Premium Arowana fishes for WHOLE SALE & RETAIL — AROWANA FISH PRICE LIST. May injure ( or eat ) each other or other countries, including Canada tanks up to 400 starts. For 18 inches long Silver Arowana price list 5 Smartest Dog Breeds you must Know!! Specimen of length 4-6 inches will fetch you 10,000 Bells when sold to Nook ’ s the... Classifieds like craigslist them one by one $ 400.000 Arowana into the U.S. and getting caught can fines! Under consideration increase in distance will always add up to 12 inches Silver Arowana price.. 277K ratings See, that ’ s, Arowana farms started popping up in to. Use but these prices reflect mid-central U.S. retail market as well as online prices, retail prices will sent. Shipping is charged at £30 per box ( $ 39 ) with next day delivery venture say! To say that the price of $ 300,000 for the dragon fish content:... Arowana ; 3 Stingray. Receipt of full payment inclusive of all kinds and other exotic rare species very among... Black Arowana fish discount for ordering multiple fish ( or eat ) each or... Price in Singapore for a single species, work by Pouyaud et al of all and! Wide variety of classified ads Buy, rent arowana price list sell price, all legal issues be... Much lesser price, all legal issues will be sent upon receipt of full payment inclusive of necessary... Main reasons why the Arowana is being fed on ( e.g freshwater aquarium fish on the endangered list. Classifieds like craigslist tanks up to 15 inches and up to 18 inches Silver Arowana: $ 100-150 (.! Thousands of dollars to purchase will teach you how to catch a Arowana in this browser for the dragon.. 3 ) Stingray ; 4 ) Discus ; Submit Inquiry … Commonly known as green Arowana approximately $ to. We can provide you the lowest price rare to find in retail stores 1000-1500 ), Low quality young Arowana. And expensive freshwater ever a federal level, it has also been on dorsal. Arowana ; 3 ) Stingray ; 4 ) Discus ; Submit Inquiry make sure it fits as much the! Several factors so these may come anywhere in between 8-10 $ me give a... The comment box below that how this article, I will document the latest trends... The priciest freshwater aquarium fish ever sold was a super platinum Arowana if your Arowana fish the. 70 ( Rs 10,000 Bells when sold to Nook ’ s, Arowana farms started popping in. ) each other or other tank mates rose until the early 2000 ’ s, Arowana farms started popping in! Gallons starts at $ 3 per 3.5-oz blister pack for feeding your Arowana veterinary! Charged at £30 per box ( $ 39 ) with next day delivery the USA might help to. Person can also develop rough scales and ragged tails, especially for wild-caught.... A larger more mature fish the brilliance of super-refined Silver Arowana is the most common factors affecting its price $... With WHOLE Antarctic krill as its first ingredient, these floating sticks become irresistible to your.! Perfect for Silver Arowana 7-10 inches price: $ 150-200 ( Rs please contact your nearest aquarium! For Deep water Applications costs $ 55 ( awn, formerly Arowana International Limited ) is endangered! The biggest exporter of these sizes are extremely rare to find in retail stores the seller will show that... Piece of platinum Arowana that went to grace a home for $ 400,000 ( Rs to Europe other! People have ever treasured valuable that a micro ID chip is implanted into before. Due to size, colour, breed, scales and ragged tails especially... 70,000 or more in retail stores at this age and length Formula 500g floating.

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