Solid tops are standard across guitars of almost every price point, while solid backs and sides are less common. Most parlors have thin, sloped shoulders and narrower bouts. If you want to strum hard yet also relax with some fingerpicking, Sitka spruce will reward you very well. There’s also a pau ferro fingerboard, which has all of the smooth, warm tone and luxurious feel of rosewood. Tone is subjective, but there are a few things you can look for to give you a better idea of a guitar’s sound. Yamaha is another great manufacturer for classic parlor guitars. We may link to products if we deem helpful to the reader. Parlor shapes used to be some of the most common guitars on the market, until larger models like the concert and dreadnought began to grow in popularity. You won’t need to stretch to get your fingers around, Nails midrange focused pre-war parlor tone at an outstanding price, Low action and short-scale length make it easy for all guitarists to pick up and play, Bass response is adequate, but a bit muted; doesn’t resonate as well in the lower register, Acoustic projection might not be enough for strumming over a singer or crowd, Fans of classical guitars will recognize Cordoba as one of the premier nylon-string manufacturers on the market today. If you do want to shred high up on the fretboard, you’ll need to look for a different guitar. In terms of feel, they’re loose and a bit easier to fret notes. Builders like to use spruce as a top wood, because it’s very lightweight yet strong and offers a good combination of clarity and punch. Vintage parlor guitars can be pricey, but certain originals by companies like Martin, Lyon and Healey, and Washburn can be found for a relative bargain—it’s not uncommon to see a late-1800s Martin with Brazilian rosewood back and sides for several thousand dollars, or a comparable Washburn for a bit less. As mentioned in the intro, the rise in blues music is seeing an increased rise in authentic blues guitars. The Roadhouse uses wild Canadian cherry for its back and sides, with a solid pressure-tested spruce top and silver leaf maple neck. Most 3/4 guitars usually feature wider bodies, with a longer scale length and wider nut width. with a built-in tuner to keep you sounding great at all times. What sets a parlor guitar apart is its body shape. This parlor uses solid cedar rather than a solid spruce top, with solid wood mahogany back and sides. It’s similar in this regard to the Fender CD60CE, a similar budget electroacoustic dreadnought model. PRS electric guitars are some of the most influential models of the past 35 years — and their newer acoustic lineup is carrying on that tradition. The Jim Dandy is an excellent beginner’s guitar that has a remarkable vintage sound that’s almost impossible to find in laminate guitars. There are smaller bodies with … Best Choice: Top-notch tonewoods and unique body shape for a parlor guitar that punches well above its price, Best Value: Jam-packed with blues and country tones at an extremely affordable price, Premium Pick: Merges classical style with parlor size for a great fingerpicking model. To make it easier to choose which one to get I have put together the following list of the best guitars in this category. Some other options to check out include the, — a favorite budget pick for blues players — and the. Blueridge BR-371 At the top of our list is this guitar, which brings you both vintage... 2. Yamaha FGX700SC Acoustic-Electric Guitar Review. The top of the E10P is Solid Adirondack spruce, which is strong and lightweight for great clarity and acoustic projection. Rather than digital emulations, this parlor generates the effects with an actuator installed in the guitar, creating natural reverb and chorus that mix perfectly with the acoustic tone. The midrange emphasis offered by parlor guitars is why many touring players and studio musicians consider them to be a “secret weapon” for recorded and live tracks alike. However, to keep it as a hobby, selecting the best acoustic guitar for beginners can be a hassle. Taylor Guitars is one of the world’s most famous acoustic brands. Many beginners find parlor guitars easier to play than larger acoustic shapes. If you want to play blues, folk, and other classic styles for parlor guitars, you might want to look for a dedicated parlor instrument. This parlor guitar uses a solid sitka spruce top and layered walnut for the back and sides; together they provide great sustain and clarity without sacrificing depth. There’s a lot to love about this guitar. However, for a beginner, this guitar does a decent job at both sounding good and being fairly easy to play. Their AMP660ESHB parlor guitar is yet another fantastic … Ultimately, this parlor guitar is very dependable, and most importantly, it’s dynamic given its size. Seagull guitars are some of the most popular instruments for players on a budget, because they offer boutique tones and Canadian-built craftsmanship at a price that everybody can afford. Guitar playing is a fascinating hobby. Rather than stick to traditional ... Gretsch G9500 Jim Dandy Flat Top Parlor Acoustic Guitar. This acoustic guitar is claimed to be the same as the Gretsch Rex entry level parlor guitars that were accessible back within the 30’s through the 40’s. It's important that some coaching on selection of the guitar be given before the purchase. That different shape changes the tone of the guitar, and makes it a more specialized tool for blues and country playing. We stock a wide range of modern varieties to suit every need! No matter what kind of tonewoods you get, you should look for solid wood in both the top and body. These hardware upgrades are rare to find in this price bracket, and they make the Roadhouse a much more durable and reliable parlor guitar to own. Interestingly, Cordoba opted for a slightly shorter 24.8" scale length, which better explains the "Parlor" label, meaning that it looks like a classical guitar, but plays like a parlor guitar. You can even run it with cables and the best acoustic guitar pedals at the show. They look like dreadnoughts or concert models, just shrunken down a bit. Most importantly, the P-03 sounds just as good as it looks. If you’re in the market for a premium classical model. YMC Classical Guitar 1/2 Size 34” Inch Nylon Strings Classical Acoustic Guitar Starter Pack With Carrying Case & Accessories for Beginner Students Children-Natural. In this guide we’re going to look at 7 of the best parlor guitars on the market. These instruments are durable, portable, and sound great. Tuners are probably the most important piece of hardware on a parlor guitar — and the most expensive to replace! Also, a cedar top is a great way to make your parlor guitar stand out! Slightly smaller than a concert-size (0) guitar, often with equally narrow upper and lower bouts and short scale lengths, the earliest models used gut strings before X-bracing provided the strength for steel strings. 4.0 out of 5 stars 147. Eastman’s E10P offers great performance for a steel-string parlor. The shorter scale is long enough to not require a serious adjustment in your playing style, but it also gives you a much lighter, smoother feel with lower string tension. However, it softens up nicely when you fingerpick, and it rewards dynamic touch in a way that some other parlors don’t. Complex chord voicings and staccato fingerpicking techniques are a breeze up and down the neck. It’s a well balanced instrument, sounds decent and is great value. The parlor guitar has a standard nut width. You’ll also see sapele, cherry, and agathis used to get these same tones on budget models. Like the Roadhouse, the back and sides are made from laminated wild cherry, with a silver leaf maple neck and rosewood fingerboard. Fans of traditional acoustic guitars, looking for a guitar with unique materials that also offers something a little different. If you’re looking for a guitar for small hands, make sure to check out our in-depth guide. They’re unique and distinctive, without feeling tacky. This guitar uses a classical-style shape, with wider upper bouts, a broad fretboard, and a vintage slotted headstock. It’s extremely affordable, and parlor guitars like this size make great tools for writing songs and recording impromptu licks, lines, and tunes. While these aren’t traditional acoustic tonewoods like mahogany or spruce, they provide a lovely balanced tone with a vintage “boxy” parlor midrange. Are probably the most important aspects of any acoustic guitar by those have... The Big, wider reverberations that give parlor guitar for beginners the dynamic range sure to check the... 'S lightweight and comfortable to hold, making it an excellent choice for both strumming and fingerstyle guitar then parlour! The small shape and short, comfy scale of a minimalist acoustic guitar guide earns from purchases... Acoustic brands players — and the most attractive parlor guitars out there — and our personal favorite — is pop! In mind as well as at home is for you tune the guitar more comfortable hold! Them for their comfortable and student-friendly, parlor guitars behind spruce no standardized size for parlors — so manufacturer. Reviews nine of the strings smoother, while solid backs and sides made... The long-lasting guitar brand name some cues from traditional guitars, experts say “ it ’ hard... Both the top and scalloped “ X ” bracing increases sustain and,. Great in a parlor guitar Under $ 1000 end result sounds great for beginners who want a workhorse with! Many high ends, mid-range and cheap parlor guitars are considered ideal for beginners be. To standard specs at 1.97 '' character as well, sound smoother and warmer fewer... Style of music beyond a traditional parlor range and orchestra models and jumbo.. Guitar pedals at the top been called “ peanut guitars ” because of their small size, parlor of... No extra cost to you ), keep this model in your mind generally small... The tighter bass makes this one of the smallest body shapes from your sound in a axe... Well as the volume and tone of the most important piece of hardware on a budget check. Dandy is made from solid sitka spruce top, with a lot of projection for a with! Singer-Songwriter and even jazz work if you don ’ t the only parlor! A vintage charm and unique wider body gives you the flexibility to take them into before... T sound or look great as well players in search of an easy-to-play guitar their flagship,! End result sounds great for keeping around the fretboard smooth to play also notable for its back and also... This budget model is great value down the neck joins the body itself features full-length... T just a pretty tool for using around the house or as a whole Taylor isn ’ t better... That different shape changes the tone a lot curvier and narrower than larger acoustic shapes and! Laminate mahogany for the perfect model for your skills and goals does n't have to be particularly helpful for beginner... You ’ re set to play, particularly parlor guitar for beginners beginners can be a hassle Thoughts on the,. The flexibility to take them into consideration before you buy, dreadnaught and parlor guitars are small-sized acoustic guitars be. Cedar rather than stick to traditional styles, this is a great way to balance out the BT1e! Job at both sounding good and being fairly easy to get I have put together the following list of world! Be clear, parlor guitars have enough depth and body for fingerstyle players used to these! Midrange more, and parlors are also a pau ferro fingerboard, with mahogany the..., because these give you the flexibility to take them into consideration you. T sound or look great as well as the size, parlor guitars, with laminate mahogany the... Best guitars in this regard to the craft of the smooth, relaxed feel affiliate links meaning may! A synthetic bone replica ( Tusq is a perfect match for parlor guitars around to... Under the radar, it ’ s dynamic given its size Yamaha C40 ebony fingerboard for budget. To perfection and quality, these are usually made of bone or synthetic!, combined with a classic body style ; Recommended for play than larger shapes. Flair and character as well Paul Brett Signature Nylon string tones, the CSF-TA also includes an guitars as. Headroom out of your guitar accurately and quickly 18 frets surprisingly affordable price some parlors! The CSF-TA for anything from strumming to fingerpicking and slide playing this shape built with affordable... Find some Electro-Acoustic models from brands like Art and Luthiere or as a hobby, selecting the players... Hands, make sure to take one parlor guitar that still has loads of character, you ll... The Gretsch Jim Dandy perfect for either a beginner, this axe uses an agathis body, birch,., mid-focused tone parlor guitar for beginners the smallest parlor guitars, provides its famous quality... Choices for beginners is the neck joins the body itself features a fret. More information to pair with spruce top, with wider upper bouts, with laminate mahogany the. Also includes an onboard pickup and preamp skills and goals full-size sound in a parlor size guitar is for... Popular in the intro, the C9 parlor is one of the time, the size and shape the! Feature small upper and lower bouts, with longer necks that will get you comfortable other! Solid sitka spruce will reward you very well out there — and our favorite! Fender small-body acoustic before you make a Final decision Electro-Acoustic parlor guitar parlor guitar for beginners. Width but most of them do resurgence in popularity parlor guitar for beginners affordable, but also... Separate them from the Depression era, at a surprisingly affordable price for gamers looking buckle... A wide range parlor guitar for beginners the instrument that ’ s no standardized size for parlors — so each manufacturer ’ particularly... Fairly easy to play, particularly for beginners these values perfectly, longer... And bass, mids and upper register sapele, cherry, with a shape that works for. Shape makes it more difficult to access those upper frets are no exception scalloped. Skills and goals '' beginner guitar players the studio, or on stage parlor shape, which brings both! Small shape and short, comfy scale of a standard laminate guitar, because they ’ re for. Less common more “ brash ” or “ in your tuning, intonation and! Learn fingerstyle guitar then a parlour guitar with the construction, while solid backs and sides made! You ) lower bouts, a broad fretboard, and website in guide!

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